Family walk in the woods behind the gite
Family-friendly fully equipped gite

The family-friendly gite is well equipped with all the normal equipment you will need for your younger children whilst staying at Les Lézards. No parent wants to have to carry all that clutter which becomes part of life when youngsters arrive. Please check on the “Facilities” tab for further details of what we provide. If you think there is something not shown which you think you will need, please contact us – it may just be that we have left it off the list.

The trampoline is available for all of our visitorsAs parents and grandparents we are well aware that children are rarely “seen but not heard”! Fortunately we have a large, safe garden so there should be plenty of space for your children to let off steam. They are free to use the swings, slide and trampoline in our garden and also to adventure into the tree house close to the gite. Youngsters are also at liberty to use the sit and ride tractors and kick footballs around in the garden. We do request that you watch your children when they are playing outside.

We share our family-friendly garden with our free-range hens who are not only our egg layers but also our pets. They are friendly girls and welcome the opportunity to eat up your left-over bread and raw vegetables and fruit! Please just ask your children not to scare the hens by chasing them which alarms them considerably! You will find six eggs in your welcome basket and we will be happy to sell you additional eggs should you require them, subject to availability. We normally have plenty through the summer but sometimes less in the winter. In addition to the hens, we have a border collie (seen in the picture above). He is very friendly, and loves children, but we do advise that you supervise any contact between your children and the dog.

Easter chocolate huntsYour children remain your responsibility throughout your stay with us and we request that they are never left unattended in or close to our swimming pool or close to our fish pond. We also ask that you ensure they do not stray into the surrounding fields where our neighbours are growing various crops.
There are lots of activities for children in the area – feel free to ask us or visit the Tourist Information centre in Villereal to find out more. You should never need to hear from your children that they are bored whilst staying at Les Lézards!

If you want to go out without your children for an evening we can give you contact details for local babysitters although we have no direct knowledge of their abilities.