Why it’s worth booking early

Why you should think about booking earlyBooking early; we’re here to tell you why it’s so important to getting your holiday off on the right foot.

You might be thinking about booking your holiday home or gite this summer. Dreaming of relaxing by the pool, listening to the birds tweeting as they fly overhead.

You’re browsing the different options available to you, and you see the perfect holiday home for your family. It’s a family friendly gite, in rural southern France. It’s well equipped, it’s got everything you might need, so no lugging buggies across continents. No worrying about potties. It’s all there.
You look at the flights. They’re available at a good price. Perfect. That moment when you know it’s all coming together, and you’re pleased with yourself for booking early.

And then the kids call. You wander off to sort them, and forget to hit book on the holiday home. When you finally remember three weeks later, not only has the week that you wanted gone but the flights have tripled in price and are now at stupid times.

Your stress levels rocket as you try to find somewhere else that was available for the time you want, but keep coming back to the one that got away. Even heading off on your newly booked holiday is a disappointment, as your mind keeps wandering back and comparing to the one that you didn’t book. What should have been a relaxing break for your whole family becomes a let down.

So, when you’re browsing for your holiday, we strongly recommend booking early – cheaper flights, better availability and far less stress. And after all, isn’t your holiday meant to be about relaxing?


booking early allows you to relax by the pool

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